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Türkiye'deki Amerika Birleşik Devletleri <a href="">National Architectural Accrediting Board</a>tarafından tanınan tek eğitim kurumu

In April 2018, the Re-use of Modernist Buildings (RMB) project, financed by ERASMUS PLUS, is going to organize the 2nd RMB Workshop to rethink the urban areas developed according to the De Groer Urban Plan of 1940. For this workshop a total of 40 Master students will be selected, eight from each partner university, to form five different working groups of eight students each. Each group will be constituted by students from the five partner universities of RMB project and tutors that will support the team work. Each team will work on a specific architectural typology and will have a tutor from Coimbra, other from one of the five universities and one more from other discipline, as art, anthropology, sociology, engineer, and geography.
For more information you may download the poster of the workshop from .

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