“architalkture” Seminer Serisi-XVIII, Prof Karen Lucas

İTÜ Mimarlık Fakültesi architalkture seminer serimizin on sekizinci konuğu “One Step Beyond: The struggle for socially sustainable and equitable mobilities in the Global North and South” başlıklı konuşması ile Prof Karen Lucas.

Etkinlik, 15 Aralık 2022 saat 17:30’da Taşkışla 109 numaralı salonda gerçekleştirilecektir.


There are two key issues to resolve for the promotion and delivery of socially sustainable mobilities for all. One is how to make sure major transport infrastructure investments do not disrupt, but rather, facilitate and support the mobilities and livelihoods of local populations, especially the poor and vulnerable. This is not rocket science and can arguably be achieved through the systematic application of social and distributional impact assessment of transport projects and policy strategies. Two is to find compelling and simple ways for transport planners and investors to deliver socially sustainable transport projects at the micro-community level. This is a much bigger challenge because ‘Big Finance’ struggles to fund potentially financially or politically unstable institutions to deliver cost-effective, small-scale, local transport projects. As such, the neo-liberal forms of transport governance that prevail in the Global North and South are the key barrier to the delivery of truly socially sustainable mobilities. The presentation discusses these issues with reference to Lucas’ empirical research with low-income populations from different geographical and social contexts.


Karen Lucas is Professor of Human Geography and Departmental Research Coordinator in the Department of Geography at The University of Manchester.  She is also Deputy Director of the Manchester Urban Institute and leader of its Transport and Mobility Group. She was previously Professor of Transport and Social Analysis and Director of Research and Innovation at the Institute of Transport Studies, University of Leeds. She is also director of the International Network for Transport and Accessibility (INTALInC).

Karen has had 20 years of experience in conducting social research in transport, specialising in undertaking studies with low income and vulnerable populations in the Global North and South. She is a world-leading expert in the area of transport-related social exclusion and social and distributional impact analysis. She is a member of the Sustainable Transport Steering Committee of the Asian Development Bank and has worked with them to develop a training program for Designing Inclusive Transport Projects. Her most recent project is for the English National Highways Agency to develop a new methodology for the Integrated Social Assessment of Road Projects.

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